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Automotive sweatshirts with cult classics


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T-shirts made for Petrolheads


Store for automotive fans - what can you find here?

In our store for automotive fans you will find a wide selection of products dedicated to lovers of four wheels. We offer a variety of T-shirts and sweatshirts with car motifs, ideal for those who want to express their passion through fashion. For those who like to surround themselves with automotive accents, we offer mugs and posters with motifs of iconic cars or racing. Every car lover is sure to find something for himself in our store for car lovers, allowing him to enjoy his passion even more.

To further satisfy the needs of our customers, we are constantly expanding our assortment with the latest automotive trends and products related to the latest events and developments in the world of cars. Our store for car enthusiasts is not only a place to shop, but also a space where every car fan can find inspiration and feel part of a larger community of enthusiasts.

Even more classics

Men's shirts

Koszulki męskie idealne dla fanów motoryzacji lub na prezent. W ofercie znajdziesz koszulki w kilku wersjach kolorystycznych w popularnych rozmiarach.

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Even more classics

Bluzy z samochodami

Bluzy kangurki, z samym kapturem lub bez kaptura. Świetny wybór na nieco chłodniejsze dni, idealne na co dzień i na prezent dla bliskiej osoby.

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Even more classics

Automotive posters

Plakaty z kultowymi klasykami, które ozdobią Twoje wnętrza. świetnie się sprawdzą w pokoju, salonie lub garażu.

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Women's shirts

Bags and backpacks

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Fox Box Art




Phone case

Passionate Classic Motorists

T-shirts and sweatshirts with cars is entirely dedicated to vintage motorization and everything related to it. In addition to writing about classic machines, we create T-shirts with cars, window stickers and posters with classics. In this way, we combine our automotive passions with graphics and interesting design, which also fascinates us. When it all started, we don't remember, but it certainly won't end too soon. We are constantly trying to create new designs, graphics, which are the only such offerings on the market. If you want the next novelty to be your favorite classic that you didn't find in our offer, write about it to We'll see what we can do about it. We invite you to take a look at the offer of our store for automotive fans.